Apartment Pale Jahorina, Sarajevo, 35,16m2

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Jahorina, Pale , Rajska Jahorina
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on request
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57,72 m2

Stanpromet.ba real estate agency, from its rich offer of luxury apartments in Olimpija Jahorina, announces for sale an apartment of 54.46m2 with two bedrooms and a three-sided orientation within a building with a total of 16 apartments in an excellent location Rajska vrata Apartment of 54.46m2 with two bedrooms rooms, one of which has a balcony, living room with dining room and kitchen with two French balconies and the best view of the mountain on 3 sides within the building with an elevator, top quality construction and built-in elements, move-in 10.2022. The apartment consists of a central entrance hall, living room with dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. With the apartment, it is possible to buy a parking space at a price of 30,000 KM. The heating is floor and wall multi-level thermal block, terkett floors, external openings from floor to ceiling (French balcony) In addition to the apartment, it is possible to rent a ski room, on the ground floor of the building there will be a restaurant, a spa center with a sauna and jacuzzi tubs, all owners receive a card with a discount on services. With the apartment, a complete service is provided for further renting to guests. On the link below, you can view our detailed 360° virtual view of the apartment. <iframe src="https://embed.ricohtours.com/014e3ef1-1038-48dd-a5f1-d066b567f049" width="100%" height="350" alt="841b6a64-5bfd-4607-800b-2b31c19c2bd7" / frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Your real estate agent is at your disposal for everything additional, as well as an appointment to tour this superb apartment. Hadis 062830830 Technical details ATTACHMENT NO 1: Materialization and specification of the equipment to be installed in the apartment unit FACADE The thermal insulation of the facade is made of hard stone wool plates with a thickness of d=10-15 cm. The finish is an acrylic tinted granular structure with decorative elements of the ventilated facade and stone. In the part of the vertical roof, thermal insulation made of hard slabs of stone wool with a thickness of d=15 cm is finished with a painted galvanized steel sheet d=0.6 mm. FACADE CARPENTRY The window construction consists of a 6-chamber PVC profile with a thermal break and three-layer Low-E glass. The internal windowsills are made of granite, and the external windowsills are made of aluminum sheet. FENCES FLOORS ON TERRACES Fences on terraces, balconies, loggias and French windows will be made of metal supporting profiles, treated with decorative elements. The floors on the terraces and balconies will be finished with first-class anti-slip granite tiles of classification group R11 or higher. COMMON SPACE - STAIRCASE The entrance corridors and staircase will be of AB construction, finished with first-class anti-slip granite tiles of classification group R11 or higher. The interior walls of the corridor and staircase will be finished with highly washable paint. APARTMENT UNITS WALLS AND CEILINGS The walls of the apartment units towards the corridor and between the apartment units will be built in the dry-assembly KNAUF system - wall W112 D=150 mm, with a single metal substructure made of galvanized steel wall CW and UW profiles filled with mineral wool type Knauf Insulation d= 80 mm (sound insulation 55 dB). The internal walls inside the apartment unit will be built in the dry-assembly KNAUF system wall W112 D=100 mm with a single metal substructure made of steel galvanized wall Knauf CW and UW profiles filled with mineral wool type Knauf Insulation d= 75 mm (sound insulation 54 dB). The walls and ceilings of the apartment units will be finished with washable acrylic paint. In the bathroom, the walls up to the ceiling will be finished with first-class ceramics. The bathroom ceiling will be constructed as a suspended ceiling made of moisture-resistant "KNAUF" gypsum boards. The wall in the multipurpose room on which the kitchen equipment will be mounted will be finished with first-class ceramics up to a height of 160 cm. FLOORS The floors will be a first-class wooden floor with sound insulation previously laid in a cement screed liner. The floor in the bathroom, the entrance hall and the part of the floor in the multi-purpose room on which the kitchen equipment will be installed will be finished with first-class anti-slip granite tiles. The interior doors are veneered on both sides and finished with a color chosen by the designer. HEATING The apartment units will be heated via an electric wall-mounted central heating device. The heating in the bathroom, the entrance hall and in the part of the multi-purpose room where the floor covering will be made with granite anti-slip tiles, will be underfloor heating. In addition to the underfloor heating in the bathroom, a towel dryer-type radiator register will be installed. The heating in the multi-purpose room and the bedroom, i.e. the bedrooms, will be done via article-shaped radiators. LIGHTING Finished extracts for "fine installation" EQUIPMENT OF APARTMENT UNITS EQUIPMENT "FINISHED APARTMENT" "Finished building" implies the completion of all final craftsmanship (walls and ceilings; floors; interior carpentry; heating; lighting) and installation of the following equipment: Bathroom First-class sanitary ware (toilet cup with low-mounted built-in cistern, sink, high-quality chrome fittings); A shower cabin made of tempered glass purpose-built to enable optimal use of the available bathroom space with high-quality chrome shower fittings of the Unitas type; Electric boiler with a capacity of 80 liters; Chrome shelf for storing towels; Mirror with a shelf for storing personal hygiene accessories; Built-in hair dryer; Lighting - led panel Multi-purpose room - kitchen block At the position of the future sink, kitchen fittings of the Unitas type are installed. The upper and lower elements of the hanging kitchen, including the sink, are not installed and are an integral part of the future interior furnishing of the apartment. EQUIPMENT "FINISHED AND FURNISHED APARTMENT" At the customer's request, LUING doo can take over the complete furnishing of the apartment unit in accordance with the previously adopted interior and interior design of the apartment unit. The price of interior design, procurement and installation of interior equipment is the subject of special offers.
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  • Number of floors: One floor real estate
  • Flat type: in residential building
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